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  • What is Dish Off-Premise?
    One Of Westchester’s best kept secrets. Dish is the OFF Premise Full-Service Division of the newly renovated and award-winning menus of The VIP Country Club Established in 1996 and continues our tradition of excellence and Unique events. Our seasoned staff has over 30 years’ experience in both on and off premise catering. to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What if we want a full set up and service?
    Yes “Dish” Can supply as much you desire to reach our goal of making you a guest in your home or office. We offer: A Simple delivery with full heating or cooking directions FULL set and next day breakdown Complete set up including waiters, chefs and take care of it all, from “Concept to conclusion.”
  • What if I want some help with event design, rentals etc.?"
    Yes “Dish” can conduct an onsite visit to location of your choice with a no charge consultation, then rent all equipment necessary for a fine affair
  • Can “Dish” Supply full open bars with Alcohol too?
    Yes again, “Dish” is one of the rare caterers with a off premise liquor license capabilities with trained bartenders as well.
  • Are there delivery fees?
    “Dish” and The VIP are located on the shores of New Rochelle, NY. There are no local delivery fees. But Depending on the menu and location there maybe some delivery fees charged
  • Can “Dish” assist in finding a location?
    Yes, We are happy to locate some choices for you after a brief meeting on all exact needs in a venue.
  • Can “Dish” assist with menu ideas and meeting budgets?
    Our staff takes great pride in creating the exact event you desire, if it requires a No Charge meeting, we can design a menu for just about any budget for your approval of course.
  • Can “Dish” Accommodate Glatt Kosher Catering?
    Although “Dish” is Not a Certified Kosher caterer we have done many events in the “Kosher Style” of menu.
  • Can I feel comfortable in “Dish” with the pandemic we now face?
    Yes indeed, “Dish” Follows all CDC, Department of Health and Local government guidelines to the letter. Including explaining to you how we do take everyone’s safety and well-being very seriously. And it is now part of our sales to explain all requirements. As well as having all necessary equipment to insure everyone’s safety.
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